Carlos is the founder and director of Nedrago Studios.

His imagination and passion for video games lead him to create his first gaming website in 2009. With time, this simple page grew to much more, allowing him to set up Nedrago Studios.

His greatest passion is to create – he’s never short of ideas.

Apart from managing the studio, Carlos programs games and web pages, works with the design team and generates and maintains content for all the pages in English.

His imagination for coming up with new games and projects stands out, as well as his addition to strategy games, be they board games like chess, console games, or PC games like Age of Empires (a series which, right from the beginning, won Carlos over).


Antonio is the IT brain behind Nedrago Studios, taking charge of the servers, security and high level programming.

His experience and knowledge is only bettered by his innate gift for understanding computers beyond simple logic.

His real passions are cross-country motorbikes, bike trips and nature – not so common for an IT expert and something that has meant he has had to solve server problems whilst lost in the Moroccan desert.


The geek-girl of the group, taking charge of the design and aesthetics of anything and everything we produce.

Tere is actually qualified in infant education, with more than 10 years experience as a teacher, so naturally she’s in charge of Chiquitajos, our website dedicated to bringing up the little ones.

Her work ethic also means she takes the weight of a large part of the administration and bureaucracy of the company, whilst simultaneously finding time for her other passions like baking and looking after the company pets.

She also has a great sense of humour, constantly provoking laughs in the office, even in the most difficult situations.



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