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We simply love games.

Nedrago StudiosThe origins of Nedrago Studios go all the way back to 2009, to the Dordogne region of France, where Carlos and Antonio decided to create a page of games, just for fun!

Thanks to Carlos’ passion and Antonio’s expertise, the page gradually grew until they saw they could turn it into a full-time project.

A year later, and having moved base to Madrid, we already had four pages dedicated to free games in operation, and although they still couldn’t provide us with an income, we continued to fight for what we believed in.

Two years of hard work, new ideas and failed projects followed, during which Tere joined the team, bringing a creative spirit and a desire to work towards the success of Nedrago.

Towards the end of 2012, now with eight websites and 80 of our own games, we began to see the start of a business which might be able to support us. We left our day jobs and founded a proper company, Nedrago Studios S.L.

Right now we have created and currently maintain more than 20 websites (both our own and for clients) and overĀ  200 games, clocking up 100 million plays.

Our network of websites sees 4 million visits per moth and our intention is to keep growing by creating pages full of quality content and fun and original games.

In summary, we are a young and creative team, simply looking to make a living from our passion. Our main motivation and objective is to entertain the largest number of people possible, making new and entertaining games.

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